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“How do you convey feelings, how do you establish a fragile equilibrium, something not unlike a glass column, or even a column made of water, resisting on the void?”

Philippe Jaccottet, Seedtime: Notebooks



Dear customers, partners and colleagues,


Throughout the seasons, projects come to life and develop, as you can see in this small selection of projects which we have chosen for you. Let’s have a look:

- LEICHT continues its presence in the United States with the rooftop beverage bar of the new Coca-Cola Store at the Disney Springs Town Centre in Orlando, Florida. Light but engineered to withstand a hurricane!

- In September 2016, the German newspaper Bayerische Staatszeitung published our article in its section “Building with concrete” about the House for geo-information, a subsidiary of the American company ESRI Inc. and located in Kranzberg, Bavaria. The building, whose fair-faced concrete monolithic structure and façade was designed by LEICHT, won the Good building design contest (Wettbewerb für gute Baugestaltung).


From ETFE cushions on a steel structure to a powerful structural fair-faced concrete monolith – the contrast couldn’t be more striking. As French philosopher Pontalis would have said:

“In order to change, you will first need to change perspective” – let’s all share this LEICHT approach!


You will find here the results of the LEICHT team’s curious mind and light spirit, always ready to take on the challenge of the unexpected and to call for and support change.

Movement creates life, nothing static; this is the prize that comes with heights, especially those “right at the top” which need to be firmly grounded while trying to reach for the stars.


In practice, LEICHT loves to make even the most incredible projects possible and allow them a future, because the future is built in a ‘light’ way.


From all of us at LEICHT GmbH, LEICHT France SAS and LEICHT physics GmbH, have a plentiful autumn and enjoy our newsletter.




ETFE canopy system with a supporting steel structure at the rooftop beverage bar of the new Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida

“We never attain the impossible, but it serves us as a lantern.”

René Char



The LEICHT team was asked to design the canopy of the Coca-Cola Store’s Rooftop Beverage Bar. In the land of hurricanes, this challenge couldn’t be taken lightly…


The purpose of this light structure is to protect the rooftop terrace with a 400 m2 transparent canopy, consisting of 6 square-shaped umbrellas made up of ETFE cushions which are supported by a steel structure. To attain an open air feeling and be closer to the sky, it is crucial that the structure is built on a solid foundation.


This immersive retail store is modelled after a 1920s bottling plant, with a brick exterior and a glass-accented entryway inspired by the iconic green glass Coca-Cola bottle. Transparency and the lightness of bubbles are in the limelight.


Under this diaphanous canopy, with hardly a cloud in sight in the Florida sky, Coca-Cola fans can truly “Taste the Feeling!”


Year of completion: 2016

Project owner: Coca-Cola

Ordering customer: Birdair, Inc., Amherst, NY, USA

Architect: Baker Barrios Architects,
Tampa, FL, USA: Mike Houseman

Surface: 400 m2

Photos: www.wdwmagic.com



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LEICHT continues its development in the United States


To access the ETFE market in the United States, LEICHT is currently establishing a business relationship with the structural engineering firm Bennett & Pless in Atlanta, Georgia. Some smaller projects are already in the pipeline.







The ESRI house in Kranzberg with a fair-faced concrete façade



On 9 September 2016, the German newspaper Bayerische Staatszeitung published, in its section “Building with concrete”, our article about the House for geo-information, the German subsidiary of the American company ESRI Inc. As previously mentioned in our July newsletter, the House for geo-information in Kranzberg, Bavaria, was designed by the architecture firm Dominikus Stark in Munich and won the “Good building design contest”.

LEICHT designed the façade of this building with a monolithic appearance which consists of three joint-free rectangular parallelepipeds made of concrete.



Summary of the article:

Honouring its functional, economical and energy efficient qualities, the building won an award in the category “Industry” of the Good building design contest (Wettbewerb für gute Baugestaltung) which is run by the district of Freising, Bavaria.

LEICHT engineer Marcel Enzweiler was responsible for the design of the building’s supporting structure with a façade made of fair-faced concrete.

The most astonishing aspect is that this monolithic architecture hosts in one sophisticated shell the three blocks which form the building and which are connected to each other without being joined.

From the outside, the façade presents itself as one unit flowing into three continuous layers.

Since this façade is subject to all kinds of weather conditions and significant temperature variations, special calculations in terms of stability, durability and insulation were necessary during the design of this fair-faced monolith in order to avoid the formation of cracks in the supporting walls.

The light concrete which was used also adds outstanding aesthetic qualities; gravel from the Bavarian river Isar were added and once hardened, its surface was manually roughened. This structure serves as a stunning counterpoint to the three wooden company buildings that were already in place.


Year of completion: 2015

Project owner: ESRI Deutschland GmbH

Architect/Ordering customer: Dominikus Stark Architekten, Munich

Area: 630 m2

Photos: Michael Heinrich


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