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Dear customers, partners and colleagues,


Just before the summer slump, we are presenting a small selection of current projects which have likewise given us, our builders, an expert jury and all together great pleasure – hopefully a pleasure for you, too. Once again, everything is represented here, from ETFE and glass to concrete.

Enjoy reading our new newsletter. We wish you a fantastic summer 2016!







The eagle has landed

DÜNN and LEICHT provide the Mexican Estadio Cuauhtémoc ("Landing Eagle") with select ETFE façade; Steel Construction trade magazine publishes project report



Who would have thought it? The lightweight architecture specialists DÜNN from Mexico and LEICHT create their first joint façade for a stadium, and what is the result? Not only thin. Not only light. It's thin and light, incidentally the literal English translation of the company names, DÜNN and LEICHT! And it's extremely popular.


40,000 users of the online publication stadiumdb.com as well as an international expert jury elected the 51,000-seat soccer stadium with its multicolor, single-layer ETFE film façade into the Top 5 of the most beautiful new soccer stadiums of last year.


LEICHT engineer in charge, Mónica Aracil Llinares, has summarized exciting details regarding the planning and solutions for the extraordinary stadium façade in a project report for the latest issue of the steelworks trade magazine Steel Construction. Lutz Schöne and Florian Weininger were co-authors.


The Estadio Cuauhtémoc which was named after the last Aztec emperor was completed and inaugurated in November last year.


The free article "A new ETFE façade creates a landmark for Puebla F.C.,“
Steel Construction, 9 (2016), Ernst & Sohn


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Builder: Federal state of Puebla, Mexico

Architect and customer: Dünn Lightweight Architecture, Mexico

Year of completion: 2015

Façade: 28 600 m2

Photos: Dünn Lightweight Architecture

Rock on

TETRARC architects and LEICHT France win competition for ”Le Forum” in Vauréal; LEICHT France responsible for structural and façade planning



The event center ”Le Forum” in Vauréal on the north-western periphery of Paris has been covering the local demand for alternative rock and independent culture for more than two decades – with over 100 concerts and exhibitions every year, and acts by Fozzy and Asian Dub Foundation up to the former Deep Purple and Black Sabbath member Glenn Hughes.


20 years of rock leave their mark. Since renovating the building would have been more expensive than constructing a new one, the city of Vauréal called for an architecture competition. The TETRARC architects from Nantes had the winning design draft. On 2,000 square meters, they designed an event center which embraces its professionally rocked down predecessor like an open hand. The curved glass façade of the 5-storey new building and its integrated wooden structure were created in cooperation with LEICHT France engineer Antoine Fouchier.


The glass façade lies over the clear wooden structure like an extended sound wave over a dry, repetitive beat. It is remarkably energy-efficient thanks to the intelligent distribution of low-E glass elements.


The new ”Le Forum” will be able to accommodate up to 700 visitors – twice as many as its predecessor. Incidentally, there will be no music bottleneck during the construction period. The old building will not be torn down before the new event building has been completed, which will probably be the case in 2019. The free space after demolishing the original building will then be used for a roofed forecourt and an amphitheater in the green.


Since they won the competition, TETRARC architects and LEICHT France received the construction order.


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Builder and customer: City of Vauréal, France

Architect: TETRARC, Nantes, France

Year of completion: 2019

Area: 2 000 m²






Award-winning fair-faced concrete façade
LEICHT turns fair-faced concrete façade into a supporting structure -
and vice versa; House for geo-information wins “Wettbewerb für gute Baugestaltung” (Good building design contest)



ESRI Inc. is an American supplier of geographic information systems software, headquartered in California. They are market leaders in their industry and operate up to 100 trade offices worldwide.


Last year, the company extended its German subsidiary in Kranzberg near Freising, Bavaria. To have more space for offices, training and meeting rooms as well as a cafeteria, the Dominikus Stark architects from Munich designed a building with a monolithic appearance which actually consists of three massive concrete ashlars.


LEICHT engineer Marcel Enzweiler is responsible for the structure of the joint-free fair-faced concrete building. And he was really creative: The façade is made from light fair-faced concrete, which has been enhanced manually and mixed with gravel from the Bavarian River Isar; it not only adds an exciting highlight to the three existing wooden company buildings but is also the supporting structure of the commercial building. Since it is subject to all kinds of weather and temperatures, special calculations regarding its stability, durability and insulation were required.


The hard work paid off: At the beginning of the year, the fair-faced concrete monolith won the "Good building design contest" in the "industry" category, an award announced by the administrative district office and the district craftmen's association in Freising – among other thanks to its functional, economical and low-energy qualities.


The award-winning construction projects can be viewed at the traveling exhibition in the Neufahrn (Bavaria) city hall until August 5.


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Builder: ESRI Deutschland Group GmbH, Germany

Architect and customer: Dominikus Stark Architekten GmbH, Munich

Year of completion: 2015

NFA: 630 m²

Photos: Michael Heinrich



OPQIBI qualification for LEICHT France
LEICHT France receives OPQIBI qualification for standard and complex metallic structure and building envelopes


OPQIBI is an independent institute for the certification of engineering activities, which is also acknowledged by the Comité français d'accréditation. The institute has been verifying and certifying both the professional expertise and the project handling of consulting and executing engineers since 1969, with the aim to provide utmost safety regarding quality and processes when public authorities and private customers select and assign engineering services.


Already at the beginning of this year, LEICHT France received the OPQIBI qualification for standard and complex metallic structures and building envelopes.



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