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Dear customers, partners and colleagues,


This winter isn’t going to last much longer. High time for the LEICHT Winter Newsletter 2015 in which we are presenting two recently completed expansion projects: the MAN cafeteria in Karlsfeld near Munich and the Auchan shopping center in Mont-Saint-Martin. Moreover, we will introduce you to our entry to the "Timber Construction Award 2014 of the Bavarian State Ministry" which almost won an award. And because we are so obliging – and at the same time quite proud – we are making available to you our article from the just published yearbook of the Federal Chamber of Engineers "Ingenieurbaukunst 2015" as well as our contribution to the Ernst & Sohn special issue "Kindertagesstätten 2014" (Childcare Centers).


We hope you will enjoy reading our Winter Newsletter 2015.

With best regards from your LEICHT, LEICHT France and LEICHT Physics team



MAN’s "Casino" cafeteria, Karlsfeld near Munich


The MAN Truck & Bus GmbH with seat in Karlsfeld near Munich and 34,000 employees is the largest company in the MAN Group and one of the world’s leading providers of complete transportation solutions.


The social meeting place of the Munich location is the MAN company cafeteria, the "Casino", which was now enlarged by 83,100 ft² – that is, by a third of its floor space. All the expansion work was carried out during day-to-day operation. The new top floor built above the dining area and bar cantilevers nearly 10 ft. over the ground floor  and provides sufficient space for technical equipment and storage rooms. The span widths of just under 65 ft. were constructed of bearing concrete wall sections.


The expansion of the concrete structure was planned by the Munich architectural firm pmp architekten. LEICHT assumed responsibility for the support structure design (HOAI §49, LPh 1-6), the calculation of the fire resistance duration for the entire ground floor and also for the performance monitoring.



Year of construction: 2014

Building owner: MAN Truck & Bus GmbH

Architect/ordering party: pmp architekten GmbH, Munich

Gross floor space: 83,100 ft²

Photos: pmp architekten GmbH, Munich



AUCHAN shopping centre, Mont-Saint-Martin


The French department store chain Auchan has over 2,000 supermarkets and shopping centres mainly in Western, Central and Eastern Europe but also in Africa and Asia.


The Auchan shopping centre in Mont-Saint-Martin in the Lorraine region was expanded extensively last year. In order to supply the main hall of the expansion with daylight, the firm VDDT Architects from Lille designed a transparent façade and an elliptical dome, each consisting of pneumatically supported ETFE cushions.


LEICHT France assisted the responsible support structure and façade planners in the preparation of the request for tender documents: both for the steel frame of the dome as well as for all the ETFE cushion elements of the façade and the ETFE dome.



Year of construction: 2015

Building owner: the Auchan Group / Immochan

Architect/ordering party: VDDT architectes associés, Lille

Photos: VDDT architectes associés, Lille



"Ingenieurbaukunst 2015" (The Art of Civil Engineering 2015)

– the yearbook of the Federal Chamber of Engineers


The yearbook of the Federal Chamber of Engineers has now come OUT and LEICHT is IN the yearbook.

The 200-page, richly illustrated book shows the most spectacular current civil engineering projects with significant involvement of German engineers worldwide and is regarded as the central showplace for German civil engineering.


You can order the yearbook "Ingenieurbaukunst 2015" in German  here.


You can read the entire LEICHT article by Dr. Lutz Schöne and Florian Weininger about the façade of the Canary Wharf Crossrail Station in London free-of-charge here.



Photos: LEICHT






„Holzbaupreis 2014" of the Bavarian State Ministry
(Timber Construction Award 2014)


It just barely missed being the winner. But the parish center Oberhaching did succeed in being short-listed and thus it was included in the competition documentation of the “Timber Construction Award 2014” of the Bavarian State Ministry. The presentation of our cooperation with the Freising firm DEPPISCH Architects took place within the scope of the official awarding of the Timber Construction Award on January 22nd 2015 at the "BAU 2015" fair in Munich-Riem.


You can have a look at the competition documentation here.


And here you have acces to the awarding page.


Photos: LEICHT



Ernst & Sohn special issue "Kindertagesstätten 2014" (Childcare Centers)


The federal government has increased the existing Special Fund "Childcare Expansion" by 550 million euros to a total of one billion euros extending up to 2017 and thereby provided the German Federal Lands with supplementary financial aid for the expansion of childcare. The publishing house Ernst & Sohn reacted to this measure with its first special issue concerning the new construction, alteration and renovation of daycare facilities for children.


Besides examples of projects, the special issue contains numerous practice-oriented contributions on aspects such as wooden structures, mobile room systems, modular design, building envelopes, interior fittings, room acoustics, fire prevention and flooring systems. LEICHT is represented by an article by Managing Director Marcel Enzweiler about the "Kinderhaus Stadtmäuse” (“City Mice Nursery”) in Rosenheim.


You can find the article  here. The special issue "Kindertagesstätten 2014" for the comíng twelve months can be ordered here.



Photos: LEICHT