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Dear customers, partners and colleagues,


Quiz question: What do French deer, tropical fish and American sharks have in common?


A: They all live in the forest.

B: They all live in water.

C: They all live beneath roofs of ETFE cushions designed by LEICHT and LEICHT France.


You will find the correct answer in our Summer Newsletter 2015, in which we will introduce you to two new interesting projects in France and in the USA: "Le Bois aux Daims", a new Center Parcs facility in Vienne, and the "American Dream", which will be the largest shopping mall in the USA. Along with them we would like to recommend the latest technical article by LEICHT CEO
Dr. Ing Lutz Schöne: "Translucent Façades – spatially curved and of different materials", which appeared in the new special issue entitled "Innovative Façade Technology" by Ernst & Sohn.


Have fun reading our Newsletter and of course we wish you a great summer.

With best regards from your LEICHT, LEICHT France and LEICHT Physics team




"Le Bois aux Daims", Center Parc, Poitou-Charentes


The French/Dutch holiday park operating company Center Parcs constructs and maintains extensive holiday villages in Holland, Belgium, Germany, England and France, for the most part in forested areas near lakes. Here vacationers can rent summer cottages, bungalows and in some villages even tree houses.


A new Center Parc with the name "Le Bois aux Daims" (the forest of the deer) is currently being built in the Départment Vienne, in the region of Poitou-Charentes, between Les Trois-Moutiers and Morton. The deer for which the facility is named will be allowed to run free; they will be merely one of the attractions of the nearly 5-acre park area: besides a 300 m long cableway slide, a high ropes course and a wide selection of athletic and wellness activities, it is planned that in particular, a multi-faceted water world will delight visitors. This will include two "Water Playhouses" with slides, water cannons and fountains, a children’s fun pool and also a coral pool in which visitors can snorkel in the midst of tropical fish.


The water world will be covered by a roof of translucent, ETFE cushions of three to five layers with global U-value of 2.6 and 1.9 W/m2*K respectively, that will be supported by a wooden structure. The largest central cushion will be equipped with an emergency drainage system in order to prevent sagging in case of a pressure loss in the cushion and simultaneous precipitation in the form of water or snow.


The structural and façade design for the ETFE cushions as well as the planning for the flashing and insulation at the roof ridge, eaves and verge was provided by LEICHT France. In order to enable a high degree of prefabrication and thereby minimize the installation period, the plans were prepared completely in 3D.


The Center Parc "Le Bois aux Daims" is to open this summer.


Building owner: Groupe Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs

Architect: ART'UR Architectes, Bordeaux

Ordering party: Taiyo Europe GmbH

Photos: Taiyo Europe GmbH





„American Dream“ shopping mall, New Jersey


What will be the largest shopping mall in the USA is presently under construction in Meadowlands, New Jersey. To this end the American real estate developer TripleFive is expanding an already existing shopping center into a gigantic shopping and entertainment complex: among other features it will have a water park, an indoor ski slope, an ice skating rink, a roller coaster, a Legoland and a shark aquarium. And if that still isn’t sufficient entertainment, one can have oneself immersed in a genuine submarine in the mall’s own lake. Or perhaps just do a bit of shopping.


The planning for the total of four roofs of ETFE cushions and the façade of the new building extension is being taken over by LEICHT Structural engineering and specialist consulting GmbH including the planning of the grid shell steel framework and the flashing. LEICHT engineer Jiri Vraj is responsible for this project.


The total costs of the project lie at around 4 billion USD. The inauguration of the "American Dream" is set for autumn 2016.


Building owner: TripleFive Group of Companies

Architect: Abugov Kaspar, Calgary

Ordering party: Birdair Inc.

Photos: LEICHT



Technical article "Translucent Façades"
in the spezial issue "Innovative Façade Technology" by Ernst & Sohn


Living façades, intelligent façades, translucent façades: continually developing new materials and possibilities draw the focus of architects and planners in an ever increasing measure to regard a building’s characteristic outer shell. The functional and aesthetic requirements on the façade are thereby also increased.


The specialized publishing house Ernst & Sohn has therefore devoted a special issue to innovative façade technology, including among others an article by LEICHT CEO Dr. Ing. Lutz Schöne. Against the background of a project currently in progress, he is releasing the findings of his many years of investigation concerning translucent, spatially curved façades of heterogeneous materials. He thus places his main emphasis on the surface attributes, the energetic and climatic characteristics and also the mechanics and design of various types of film and glass.


You can order or download the special issue "Innovative Façade Technology" by Ernst & Sohn here